Global warming is a fact; meeting climate change challenges is a must.

It’s time for Climate Action!

Human activity has been heating the planet since the mid-XXth century, as has been scientifically proved.

Today’s temperature is 0.9°C higher than pre-industrial-era temperatures. The latest scientific studies stress the importance of limiting this increase to 2°C if we are to avoid a catastrophic impact on, not just the ecosystem, but also the economy, society and, indeed, all human activities. It really is time to act!

Some companies are coming forward with real solutions. Candriam is doing so with a new fund that offers investors the chance to support the development of such solutions, which will in turn benefit their investments. 

Leader in responsible investment since 1996, Candriam thus reaffirms its commitment to initiatives seeking to have a positive long-term impact on the environment and, more widely, on society at large.