Do you wish to remain invested in the equity market?
Do you want to (re)-expose your portfolio to the equity markets?

Candriam Absolute Return Equity Market Neutral, a SICAV under Luxembourg law, managed by Candriam Luxembourg, delivers consistent performance with low sensitivity to market changes

  • An investment process with 2 complementary performance engines to profit from the different market conditions

  • An investment process with a track record of over 15 years

  • A stable, experienced management team of 4

  • AuM of more than 100 million euros on 15.03.2020

Why choose this fund?

The phenomenal growth in passive investing is a window of opportunity for active investors seeking exposure to securities impacted by index rebalancing and other events that have a bearing on equity prices in the short term.

Our 15 years of expertise affords us exposure to this market while letting us capture the spread pending a return to normal.

Tools and expertise beneficial to your portfolio

  • A dual approach to identify equity market inefficiencies:

    • Technical analysis using quantitative tools and statistical analysis;
    • Discretionary analysis.
  • A management team with the combined expertise of prominent quantitative and fundamental analysts.


Risk control

  • Portfolio risk control throughout the investment process;

  • A risk team comprising 24 independent experts;

  • To fully understand the fund’s risk profile, we advise investors to carefully read the Key Investor Information Document (KIDD), the fund prospectus and description of the underlying risks: capital-loss risk, equity risk, derivatives risk, arbitrage risk, counterparty risk. The value of the investment could fall, in particular because of the fund’s exposure to the main risks mentioned in the prospectus and in the fund’s KIDD.

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