20 FEB


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2 Candriam funds among the top 10 European equity funds for climate performance

From over 430 European equity funds, Candriam SRI Equity Europe and Candriam Sustainable Europe are among the top 10 and have received  the Climetrics Fund Award 2018 for their outstanding climate performance under Climetrics, the climate rating for funds. 

Backed by global environmental non-profit CDP (http://www.cdp.net/) and ISS-climate, a unit of ISS ESG (https://www.issgovernance.com/esg/climate-solutions/), Climetrics gives investors a clear and comprehensive assessment of a fund’s climate-related risks and opportunities, and the means of finding investments that are well-positioned for the transition to a lower-carbon economy. 

The rating focuses on three criteria: a fund's portfolio holdings, its investment policy, and its asset manager governance. Ratings are awarded on a scale of 1-leaf (lowest rating) to 5-leaf (highest rating).The full methodology is public https://www.climetrics-rating.org/methodology

Awarded today at the CDP Europe Awards in Brussels, Candriam SRI Equity Europe and Candriam Sustainable Europe have the ten highest scores among 5-leaf rated funds on Climetrics. A 5-leaf rating indicates that, on average, the fund’s portfolio stocks are more carbon-efficient, better at disclosing climate-related risks and opportunities, and more likely to deploy key technologies supporting energy transition.

A 5-leaf rating also indicates that Candriam’s monitoring and oversight of climate issues is among the best in the Climetrics universe of analysed funds.